Will I always be rewarded for taking surveys?

If you have completed a full survey, the answer is yes. You may be asked to answer screening questions which decide your eligibility to answer surveys. If you do not fit the criteria for these screening questions, and do not go on to do the survey, you will not be paid for the few screening questions completed. We try to keep screening questions to a minimum, and recommend that your personal profile is up to date to ensure a greater chance of receiving survey invitations.

You are sometimes asked to update your profile, and when you login to your account you can answer profiling questions, which do not carry a reward.

If we identify that a member has not been honest in undertaking a survey (e.g. giving meaningless answers, making up answers or completing the questionnaire much faster than is reasonable), we cannot reward this member. We reserve the right to delete members who have been found to be dishonest. Fortunately the vast majority of our members are honest and it is seldom necessary to stop rewards or disqualify members.


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