How do I claim my rewards?

Rewards for completed surveys are paid in cash via PayPal, or can be claimed as Amazon Vouchers. You can draw down your rewards when you have a minimum amount in your account, or alternatively save your rewards until your are ready to redeem them. The current minimum reward balance before you can draw them down is £10 for Pay Pal, and £10 for Amazon Vouchers.

To claim your rewards:

Login to your account and click on the claim my rewards button. 

You must have a balance of at least £10 to claim a reward.

Choose Amazon Vouchers or Pay Pal.

If you claiming your rewards via Pay Pal, please ensure that you have entered the email address you use for your Pay Pal account. This can be different from you Surveygoo Panel email, but you must ensure it is filled out in your Account Profile. You can do this at any time by logging into your account, or during the process of claiming your rewards.


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    They is no butter to get your monet

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    I log in now but they is no button.I try on my phone and on the computer . (I would like to cash in the £10 for my pay pal) can you look in to it please.

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    Surveygoo Panel Support


    Please check your email, We have responded to your query.



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    i log in now i would like to cash in the £10 for my paypal can you look into it please

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